World Heritage Sites

Recently UNESCO, in its 37th annual session in Phnom Penh(Cambodia) completed an update of new sites to be added to the world heritage sites list.

The main sites added are as below:

1- Mount Etna(Italy)– An active volcano in European continent

2- Mount Fuji(Japan)– Highest mountain in Japan

3-Tajikistan National Park

4- Six Hill Forts of Rajastan– Chittorgarh, Gagron, Ranyhambore, Amber, Jaisalmer, Kumbhalgarh.

5-Terraced rice fields of Honghe Hani(China)-marking 1300 years of rice cultivation

6- Namib Sand Sea (Namibia)– Coastal desert area whose only water source is uniquely delivered by fog.

7- El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve (Mexico)– Desert home to many animal and plant species.

8- Medici Villas and Gardens(Italy)

9- Monuments of Kaesong (North Korea)– A dozen monuments including tombs,fortress walls and a 700 year old school at the medieval city of Kaesong,the base of Koryo Dynasty.

10- Wooden tserkvas(churches) in the Carpathian mountains(Poland and Ukraine)

11- Red Bay Basque Whaling Station(Canada)– A 16th century Arctic base for Basque Whalers.


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