Why we feel sleepy after heavy meal?

Lets find out the answer of the most general question asked that why we feel sleepy after heavy meal ?

In the human body the mechanism is such that the oxygen we breathe in and the vital nutrients in the food that we eat are absorbed by the blood and supplied to different organs of the body.

This amount of blood supplied to each organ depends on the oxygen and the nutrition requirements of the tissue of the organ and the importance of the function it plays at a given time.

Why we feel sleepy after heavy meal ?

Under normal conditions, the liver receives about slightly less than one third of the blood that the heart pumps.Similarly kidney receives one forth, brain about one sixth, remaining goes to muscles and other parts of the body.

Now e focus of the work shifts to digesting the food and so more blood is sent to the stomach walls. Automatically the flow of blood to other parts of the body get  reduced which include brain also.

Once the flow of blood towards brain get reduced the body becomes lethargic and this why we feel sleepy after heavy meal. So this process is natural, better take a nap after heavy meal.



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