Why does Jasmine bloom only at night

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night is one of the very common question, which often comes to everybody’s mind. So now lets find the answer.

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night?

Blooming in flowers is due to Nastic Movements.These movements are non-directional responses to stimuli such as Temperature, humidity, light irradiance etc.Usually this movement takes place in a flat part pf the plant that is oriented relative to the body of plant. It generally takes place in the petals and leaves of the plants which are bilaterally symmetrical.

Changes in environment send a signal to the plant and result in a differential growth between the upper and lower surface of the petals resulting in blossoming of flowers at different times of the day or under different conditions.

Now in case of Jasmine flower, this response takes place at night time due to a stimulus caused by the change over from brightness to darkness. And this is the reason of blooming of jasmine flower at night time.

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