Why a bird does not get electrocuted on wires

Why a bird does not get electrocuted on wires is a very authentic question me and my some friend might interested to know the better answer. So now Lets find out.To know the answer of this question one should keep in mind the basics of physics which they have studied. Like what is electric current? What are live wire, neutral wire and earth wire? relation between them and many more.

Why a bird does not get electocuted on wires?

A bird sitting on a live wire will get electrocuted only if electric current passes through its body.Current can only pass through the body if the live wire get touched with neutral wire.We can compare flow of electricity through a body to flow of water through a pipe or tube.

As we know that water can flow from higher level to lower one. Similarly electric current will always flow or passes through a high potential or voltage to lower one. Now say two wires running on poles of a street, one is a live wire having potential of 230 volts and the other one would be neutral wire. So if a bird is sitting on a live wire, the bird’s potential get increased to 230 volts and if by accident it get touched with neutral wire then bird get an electric shock or it get electrocuted. 

Birds, animals and human beings can withstand flow of a certain amount of electric current only through their bodies and excess flow of current can cause immediate death.


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