What causes Hiccups?

This is one of the very common question that what causes hiccups¬†. So now let’s have a look at the answer to this question.

What causes Hiccups ?

Hiccups arises as a result of too sudden and involuntary contractions within the diaphragm. You can get hiccups if you eat too much or too fast or if you have food disagreeable to your system.  

Now what is diaphragm?

Diaphragm is a dome shape sheet of muscle that separates chest from the abdomen. Diaphragm helps in maintaining the respiratory system.As we breathe air the diaphragm contracts or tightens, which help the air to suck inside the lung.

So during eating too much or too fast, it becomes difficult for the diaphragm to maintain its involuntary movements. As a result it suddenly contracts and causes Hiccups…

Hiccups also arises when someone intakes too much spicy food.



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