Water Footprint

What is Water Footprint?

The quantitative & qualitative decline in water due to its use in social or economic event during a period of time is called as Water Footprint.

Water Footprint is also called as Virtual water.

What are the components of Water Footprints?

Water Footprint have 3 components:-

(A) Blue Water Footprint:- It is the volume of fresh water evaporated from blue water resources( which are surface water and ground water) for consumption of social & economic purposes.

(B) Green Water Footprint :- It is the volume of water evaporated from the  green water resources (which are rainwater stored in the soil as soil moisture).

(C) Grey Water Footprint:- It is the volume of polluted water related with  production of all goods and services for an individual or entire community.

Some of the economic activities which have high water footprints are:-

1-Expansion of Paddy & sugarcane cultivation.

2-Increasing urbanization.

3-Rising living standards.

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