UP Rajasva Nirikshak 2014, Paper-1

UP Rajasva Nirikshak/ Revenue Inspector is conducted by Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission(UPPSC) to recruit officers in the pay band of Rs.5200-20200 and a grade pay of Rs.2800 per month. Age limit 21-40 years.

Exam Pattern- The selection process comprises of written exam followed by interview. The written exam is conducted in two shifts.

1st Shift- General Studies and General Aptitude (Paper-1)

2nd Shift- Hindi and elementary mathematics (paper-2)

Paper-1  comprises of history, geography, polity, economics, general awareness, general science, reasoning etc. While paper-2 comprises of Hindi and general maths (10th level).

We are uploading the UP rajasva nirikshak 2014 paper-1 (Series-A) in the current  post while paper-2 would be uploaded soon in the upcoming post. Downloadable PDF version of  UP rajasva nirikshak 2014 paper-1 is also available at the bottom of the post.




                                                                Part-1 General studies

Q1. The minimum height of mirror required to see whole stand up image of a man of height 1.50 metre shall be:

(a) 0.75 metre

(b) 1.00 metre

(c) 1.50 metre

(d) 3.00 metre

Q2. The electric current does not flow between two properly connected charged bodies , if they are having :

(a) same charge

(b) same capacity

(c)same resistivity

(d) same potential

Q3.1 kilobyte (1KB) is equivalent to

(a)1000 bytes

(b) 1024 bytes

(c) 1000 bits

(d)1024 bits

Q4. The only state endowed with tin mineral in India is:

(a) Odisha

(b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Jharkhand

(d) Chhattisgarh

Q5. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?

Cities                                     Seismic Zones

(a) Bhuj                                               IV

(b) Hyderabad                                    I

(c) Srinagar                                         V

(d) Chennai                                         II

Q6. Which one of the following glaciers is located in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand ?

(a) Hispar

(b) Zemu

(c)  Milam

(d) rupal

Q7. Match items of List-I with those of List-II and select your correct answer from the codes given below these lines:

        List-I                                    List-II

   (Oil Refineries)                       (States)

  1. Noonmati                                    1. Gujarat
  2. Koyali                                            2. Haryana
  3. Mangalore                                   3. Assam
  4. Panipat                                         4. Karnataka


A         B      C       D

(a)        1         3      2       4

(b)        4         1      3       2

(c)        2          4      1       3

(d)        3         1      4       2


Q8. Which one of the following rivers of India is called “biological desert”?

(a) Noyyal

(b) Damodar

(c) Bhiwani

(d) Bhadar

Q9. The head office of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is located at

(a) Ahmedabad

(b)New Delhi

(c) Mumbai

(d) Bhopal

Q10. The number of people residing in towns in India, according to 2011 census, approximately amounts to

(a) 37 Crores

(b) 33 Crores

(c) 35 Crores

(d) 39 Crores

Q11. Which one of the following countries has a market based steel industry?

(a) Germany

(b) England

(c) India

(d) Japan

Q12. Which of the following biosphere reserves of India is spread over Garo hills?

(a) Nokrek

(b) Agasthyamalai

(c) DehangDebang

(d) Nanda Devi

Q13. The state which ranks next to Kerala in terms of female literacy in India according to census 2011

(a) Tripura

(b) Goa

(c) Mizoram

(d) Meghalaya

Q14. Match items of List-I with those of List-II and select your correct answer from the codes given below the lists:

              List-I                   List-II

  1. Betwa                           1. Hirakund
  2. Mahanadi                   2. Matatila
  3. Chambal                     3. Kakrapara
  4. Tapi                              4. Gandhisagar



A     B   C   D

(a)     3    4     1   2

(b)     2    1    4    3

(c)     1    2    3    4

(d)    4    3    2     1


Q15. What is India ranking in Global Peace Index 2014, published by the Institute of Economics and Peace?

(a) 112th

(b) 162th

(c) 165th

(d) 143rd

Q16. When was the national development council formed?

(a)  26th January, 1950

(b) 15th March, 1950

(c) 6th August, 1951

(d) 6th August, 1952

Q17. Which of the following committees has given its recommendation of financial inclusion?

(a) Rakesh Mohan Committee

(b) Sinha Committee

(c) Rangarajan Committee

(d) Kelkar Committee

Q18. Which of the following states has been honored with “Krishi Karman” Award for the highest food grain production for the year 2012-13?

(a) Madhya Pradesh

(b) Gujarat

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Rajasthan

Q19. The Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD) Convention is organized in India to connect to a large no. of Pravasis. This Convention began in the year

(a) 1991

(b) 2001

(c) 2003

(d) 2013

Q20. As per the estimates of Planning Commission which of the following states had the highest number of people living below the poverty line in 2011-12?

(a) Madhya Pradesh

(b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Bihar

(d) Maharashtra

Q21. The lowest literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh was recorded in which of the following districts as per census, 2011?

(a) Mainpuri

(b) Bahraich

(c) Badaun

(d) Shrawasti

Q22. Which among the following states had the highest production of potato in India in the year 2013?

(a) Uttar Pradesh

(b) West Bengal

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Bihar

Q23. As per the data available upto June,2014, what was India’s rate of economic growth in 2013-14?

(a) 4%

(b) 5.3%

(c) 4.7%

(d) 5.7%

Q24. Which of the following water falls is located in Venezuela?

(a)  Victoria Falls

(b) Angel falls

(c) Alfred Creek falls

(d) Tugela Falls

Q25. Which of the following mountains is located along the Rhine river?

(a) Pyreneese

(b) Apennines

(c) Carpathian

(d) Black Forest

Q26. As on Sep 30, 2014 policy review of RBI, repo rate stands at

(a) 7.75%

(b) 8%

(c) 8.25%

(d) 8.50%

Q27. Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana launched on Sep 25,2014 is related to?

(a) Skill development in rural and urban areas

(b) Women Empowerment

(c) Poverty alleviation among SC/ST

(d) Food security to old age rural people

Q28. Indian born Vijai Sheshadri won the prestigious 2014 Pulitzer prize in which of the following categories?

(a) Journalism

(b) Music

(c) Poetry

(d) Drama

Q29. Shri Kailash Satyarthi of India and Mallala Yusufjai of Pakistan were honored with Noble Prize on Dec 10, 2014 at

(a) Oslo, Capital of Norway

(b) Stockholm, Capital of Sweden

(c) Helsinki, capital of Finland

(d) None of the above

Q30. Which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution provides for the creation of New All India Service?

(a) Article 311

(b) Article 312

(c) Article 313

(d) Article 314

Q31. Article 78 of constitution of India lays down the duties of

(a) Speaker of Lok Sabha

(b) Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(c) CAG of India

(d) Prime Minister

Q32. The Reserve Bank of India has the power to print currency notes of rupees upto

(a) Rs. 10000

(b) Rs. 5000

(c) Rs. 15000

(d) Rs. 1000

Q33. Which among the following is the largest rubber producing state in India?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Tamil Nadu

(c) Kerala

(d) Maharashtra

Q34. Who has been awarded Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award,2014 for public administration?

(a) Dr. Yash pal

(b) Dr. A.S. Pillai

(c) Smt. Tessy Thomas

(d) Sri Chandi Prasad Bhatt

Q35. Which high court has said in its important decision that the R.T.I applicant should tell the reason for asking information under Right to Information?

(a) Calcutta High Court

(b) Bombay High Court

(c) Allahabad High Court

(d) Madras High Court

Q36. According to recently released “Global Wealth Data Book” 2014,by Swiss banking entity, “Credit Swisse” how much of India’s wealth is held by countries 10% rich people?

(a) 75%

(b) 80%

(c) 85%

(d) 90%

Q37. In the 15th annual apex meet between Russia and India on 11th Dec,2014 how many agreements were signed?

(a) 10

(b) 15

(c) 20

(d) 25

Q38. Bharat Bharati Samman,2013 was given on Dec 7th, 2014 to

(a) Mamata Kalia

(b) Doodh Nath Singh

(c) Kanhaiya Singh

(d) Suresh Gautam

Q39. International Yoga Day will be observed from the next year on

(a) April 21

(b)May 21

(c) July 21

(d) June 21

Q40. Communication Satellite G-SAT 16 was successfully tested on

(a) Dec 7, 2014

(b) Nov 15, 2014

(c) Nov 25, 2014

(d) Dec 1, 2014

Q41. How many solar electric parks of about 500 MW have been approved for the development by the central cabinet, Govt of India upto Sep 30,2014

(a) 10

(b) 15

(c) 30


Q42. Miss Rolene Strauss selected Miss World 2014 at London belongs to

(a) Brazil

(b) South Africa

(c) Hungary

(d) USA

Q43. According to estimates made in 2014, which of the following countries has maximum green house gas emission?

(a) USA

(b) Germany

(c) India

(d) China

Q44. United Nations meet on climatic change was held in Dec 2014 at

(a) New Delhi

(b) New York

(c) Paris

(d) Lima

Q45. An international organization “Transparency International” issues corruption index every year. Match the years given in List-A with India’s ranking given in List-B and select your correct answers from the codes.

List-A                       List-B

     ( Year )             (India’s Ranking)

  1. 2014                         1. 87
  2. 2012                         2. 95
  3. 2011                          3.94
  4. 2010                         4. 85


A     B   C   D

(a)     4    3     2   1

(b)     4    2    3    1

(c)     1    2    4    3

(d)    1    3    2     4


Q46. How many bank accounts were opened under PM Jan Dhan Yojana on its inaugural day?

(a) 2 Crores

(b) 1.25 Crores

(c) 1.5 Crores

(d) 1 Crore

Q47. Who among the following has been felicitated as the most successful Miss World by the Miss World Organization in Dec 2014.

(a) Oxama Federova

(b) Aishwarya Rai

(c)  Priyanka Chopra

(d) Rolene Strauss

Q48. USA’s president has nominated following as the new US Ambassador to India?

(a) Albert Peter Burleigh

(b) Nadir Powell Patel

(c)  Kathleen Stephens

(d) Richard Rahul Verma

Q49. The “Occupy Central” movement of Hongkong is the brain child of

(a) Benny Tai-Yiuting

(b) Albert Chen

(c) Johannes Chan

(d)Anselmo Reyes

Q50. What is the name of the 14-day India-US military exercise recently held in Uttarakhand?

(a) War Strategy-2014

(b)SainyaAbhyas 2014

(c) Yudha Abhyas-2014

(d) Mountain Strategy 2016

Q51. The monetary policy framework agreement, which aims to change the monetary policy formulation and will also focus on inflation targeting is proposed to be signed by which date as announced by the Union Ministry of Finance?

(a) Feb 5, 2015

(b) Feb 1, 2015

(c) March 1, 2015

(d) March 5, 2015

Q52. Who won 2014 Nobel Prize for literature as announced by the Swedish Academy ?

(a) Alice Munro

(b)Herta Muller

(c)  Mo Yan

(d) Patrick Modiano

Q53. Mr. M.V. Kamath, who passed away at the age of 93 was associated with which of the following areas?

(a) Journalism

(b) Music

(c)  Games

(d) Business

Q54. At the time of 1857 revolt, who was the British Commanding Officer at Barrackpore?

(a) Henry Lawrence

(b) Colonel Finnis

(c) Hearsey

(d) Sir Hugh Wheeler

Q55. At the time of the establishment of Asiatic Society in Calcutta, who was the governor general of Bengal?

(a) Lord Cornwallis

(b) Lord Warren Hastings

(c)  Lord Wellesley

(d) Lord Bentinck

Q56. MangalPandey was the sepoy of

(a) 19th native infantry

(b) 25th native infantry

(c)  49th native infantry

(d) 94th native infantry

Q57. Who among the following was the architect of community development of India?

(a) S.K. Dey

(b) J.L Nehru

(c)  B.R. Mehta

(d) Jay Prakash Narayan

Q58. Which of the following has recommended that appointment of judges to higher courts should be through the participation of the executive, legislature and chief justice ?

(a) National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution

(b) National Judicial Commission

(c) 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission

(d) Report of Law Commission

Q59. The 11th schedule of constitution is related with which of the following?

(a)  Municipality

(b)  Panchayati Raj

(c)  Center State Relationship

(d)  Removal of Corruption

Q60. Which of the following is not true about the CAG of India?

(a) He is appointed by the President

(b) His salary is equal to that of Judge of Supreme Court

(c)  He is disqualified for any further Govt. office after retirement

(d) He can be removed by the President

Q61. Which of the following acts set up diarchy system at central level?

(a) Govt. of India act 1935

(b) Govt. of India Act 1919

(c) Indian Councils Act 1909

(d)Indian Council Act 1892

Q62. How many women members were there in the Indian constituent assembly?

(a) 15

(b) 13

(c) 12

(d) 10

Q63. When was the third reading of the Indian Constitution started in Constituent Assembly?

(a)  14th Nov, 1949

(b) 14th Nov, 1948

(c)  25th Nov, 1948

(d)  25th Nov, 1949

Q 64. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court regarded preamble as a part of basic structure of Indian Constitution?

(a)  Beru Bari Case

(b)  A.K Gopalan Case

(c)  Privy Purse case

(d)  KeshwanandBharti Case

Q65. By which constitutional amendment Delhi was given the status of National Capital region?

(a) 67th

(b) 69th

(c) 68th

(d) 70th

Q66. Which of the following British Companies got the first charter permitting them to trade in India?

(a) Levant Company

(b) East India Company

(c) The English Company trading to East Indies

(d) Ostend Company

Q67. In British System Raiyatvari Land revenue collection was prevalent in ?

(a) North India

(b) East India

(c) West India

(d) South India

Q68. Which one of the following statements about Alberuni is not correct?

(a)  He was a secular author

(b) His writing was influenced by living India of his age

(c) He was a Sanskrit Scholar

(d) He was an expert of Trigonometry

Q69. Which of the following is not related to Sufism ?

(a) Ulama




Q70. Who was the founder of Chistia branch of Sufism?

(a) ShekhMuhiud-Din

(b) ShekhJiauddinAbuljiva

(c) Khwaja Abu Abdul

(d) KhwajaBahaud-Din

Q71. At the time of Shivaji, the post of “Sarnobat” was related to?

(a) Financial Administration

(b) Judicial Administration

(c) Local Administration

(d) Military Administration

Q 72. The Panchasiddhantika of Varahmihira is based upon?

(a) Persian Astronomy

(b) Greek Astronomy

(c) Iranian Astronomy

(d) Mesopotamiam Astronomy

Q73. Which one of the following Indian Mathematician invented decimal place value?

(a) Bhaskar




Q74. Match item with List-I with those of List-II and select your correct answer from the codes given below:

      List-I                          List-II

  1. Tirrukkural                      1. Love Story
  2. Tolkappiyan                     2. Philosophy
  3. Silppadikaram                 3. Merchant story
  4. Manimekalaya                 4. Grammer


A     B      C    D

(a)     1       2     4     3

(b)     2       3     4     1

(c)     4       2      3     1

(d)    2       4       1    3


Q75. Which one of the following Indo-Greek rulers issued lead coins?

(a) Strato-II

(b) Strato-I

(c) Demetrius

(d) Menander


Q 76. Amphora Jar is a ?

(a) perforated jar

(b) tall double handle jar

(c)painted grey jar

(d) black and red ware jar

Q77. Satyameva jayate engraved on the Indian emblem is taken from the?

(a) Rig Veda

(b) Bhagvad Gita

(c) Mundaopanishad

(d)  Matsyapurana

Q78. Which one of the following ports handled the North Indian Trade during Gupta period?

(a) Broach

(b) kalyan

(c)  Cambay

(d)  Tamralipti

Q79. Asokan Inscription was first deciphered by?

(a)  James Princep

(b) George Buhler

(c) Vincent Smith

(d) Ahmad HasanDhani

Q80. Sarva  Shiksha  Abhiyan for universalization of elementary education was launched by Govt. of India in the year?

(a)  1996

(b) 2001

(c) 2006

(d) 2011

Q81. Which one of the following kings was patron of Jainism?

(a)  Asoka

(b) Harsha

(c) Pulkeshin-II

(d) Kharvela

Q82. The author of Gaudvaho was?

(a)  Hairsena

(b)  Aryabhatta

(c)  Vakpati

(d)  Kharvela

Q83. The social status assigned to the foreigners in Indian Society by Manu was of the?

(a)  Kshatriyas

(b)  Fallen Kshatriyas

(c) Vaishyas

(d)  Sudras

Q84. Minimata disease was caused by the toxic quantities of the following metal:

(a)  Boron

(b) Nickel

(c) Arsenic

(d) Mercury

Q85. Which instrument os used for measurement of humidity in air?

(a)  Hygrometer

(b)  Hydrometer

(c) Manometer

(d)  Odometer

Q86. The sachharide present in milk is?

(a) Sucrose

(b) Lactose

(c) Maltose

(d) Cellubiose

Q87. The IC chip used in computers is made of?

(a) Chromium

(b)  Iron oxide

(c) Silica

(d) Silicon

Q88. Hair is composed of protein called:

(a) Globulin

(b) Mucin

(c) Keratin

(d)  Casein

Q89. Velocity of light is maximum in

(a)  Diamond

(b) Water

(c) Vacuum

(d) Hydrogen

Q90. An endoscope is a

(a) Narrow telescope

(b) Type of camera

(c) Simple microscope

(d) None of these

Q91. When sky is seen from an aeroplane at high altitude, it appears

(a) Blue

(b) Black

(c) White

(d)  Red

Q92. Organic food is supposed to be better for us because it

(a) relies on chemicals to improve the flavour

(b) is more expensive to buy

(c) Is all grown in glasshouse keeping it clean of environmental pollutants

(d) Is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Q93. Which of the following fossil fuel is cleanest fuel?

(a) Coal

(b) Petrol

(c) Natural Gas

(d) Diesel

Q94. Which of the following has the maximum efficiency to convert solar energy into chemical energy?

(a)  Chlorella

(b) Tiger

(c) Earthworm

(d) Cascutta

Q95. Viticulture is known for the production of?

(a)  Orange

(b) Grapes

(c) Apple

(d)  Saffron

Q96. For preservation of fruit juice which of the following is used?

(a)  Ascetic acid

(b) Formic Acid

(c) Sulfuric Acid

(d)  Sodium Benzoate

Q97. Human eye is most sensitive to visible light of wavelength

(a) 6050 Ǻ

(b) 5500 Ǻ

(c) 4500 Ǻ

(d)  7500 Ǻ

Q99. Light appears to travel in a straight line because?

(a) It consist of small particles

(b)The velocity of light is very large

(c) The wavelength of light is very small

(d) Light is reflected by surroundings.

Q100. The focusing in the eye is done by

(a) Change in the convexity of the lens

(b)To and fro movement of lens

(c) To and fro movement of the retina

(d) Change in the refractive index of eye fluid


                                                            Part-II  General Aptitude

Q101. If cook is called woman, woman is called girl, girl is called butler, butler is called postman and postman is called driver, who will serve food in the restaurant?

(a) Woman

(b) Postman

(c) Butler

(d) Driver

Q102. Two trains each 220 meter long are travelling at 45 Km/h in opposite directions. They will cross each other in

(a) 12 sec

(b) 18 sec

(c) 16 sec

(d) 24 sec

Q103. If RIGHMG is the code of PLEASE, What would be the code of SLEEP?





Q104. In a certain code ‘ternerger’ denotes ‘you can determine’, ‘ferlerterker’ denotes ‘can she help me’ and ‘mer der ger’ denotes ‘how are you’. Which word denotes ‘determine’ in that code?

(a) ger

(b) ter

(c) fer

(d) ner

Q105. P is the brother of Q and R. S is R’s mother. T is P’s father. Which of the following statement cannot be definitely true?

(a)  T is Q’s father

(b) Q is T’s husband

(c)  S is P’s mother

(d) T is S’s husband

Q106. The missing letter in the following sequence of letters in order:

Ab_dca_bdc_a_da_ab_d    are

(a)   ccbbcc

(b)  cbbbcd

(c)  cdbbcc

(d)  cbbccd

Q107. If P + Q means P is the brother of Q, P X Q means P is the mother of Q and P ÷ Q means P is the sister of Q, then which of the following would mean R is the uncle of S.

(a) R X P + S

(b)  R + P X S

(c)  R X S + P

(d) R ÷ P + S

Q108. On a shelf six volumes are placed by side labeled A,B,C,D,E and F. Three Volumes B, C and E have green covers while the other volumes have yellow covers. A, D and B are new volumes while the rest are old ones. A, C and B are law reports while the rest are gazetteers. Which of the following volumes is green covered, old and law report ?

(a)  A

(b)  B

(c)  C

(d)  D

Q109.  Find the missing number in the following:

8, 27, ?, 343, 1331

(a)  125

(b)  130

(c)  140

(d)  150

Q110. In a row A is 7th from the left and B is 9th from the right. If both interchange their places, then A becomes 11th from the left. The number of persons in the row is

(a)  18

(b)  20

(c)   21

(d)  19

Q111. If A + B means A is the sister of B, A – B means A is the brother of B, A X B means  A is the daughter of B, then which of the following shows the relation that E is the maternal uncle of D?

(a)  D + F X C

(b)  D X F + E

(c)  D _ F X E

(d)  D X F – E

Q112. TSN : ORQ : : QPK : ?

(a)  PWK

(b)  PON

(c)  LNO

(d)  LON

Q113. If +, – , |, ɸ, X and – stand respectively for greater than, not less than, less than, not greater than, equal to and not equal to, then  x – y + z may give

(a)  x + y – z

(b)  x× y | z

(c)  x – y ɸ z

(d)  x – y ɸ z

Q114. There are four choices of words with their letters jumbled up. Three of them are alike but one is different. Find out the odd one.





Q115. Complete the series given below.


(a) 268

(b) 407

(c)  368

(d) 405

Q116. Keshav is taller than vijay but shorter than nitin,Nitin is taller than kishan but shorter than amar. If Vijay is taller than kishan , then who is shorter among them?

(a) Keshav

(b) Vijay

(c) Nitin

(d) Kishan


Q117. How many meaningful English words can be made with EPRY using each letter only once in each word?

(a) 2

(b) 1

(c) 3

(d) More than 4


Q118. If it were possible to make a meaningful English word with the second, fifth, sixth and tenth letter of the word STREAMLINE, which will be third letter of that word ?

(a) T


(c) M



Q119. Krishnkantwalkhs 10 K.M towards north. From there he walks 6K.M towards south. Then he walks 3 K.M towards east. How far and in which direction is he from his starting point ?

(a) 5 K.M Northeast

(b) 7 K.M East

(c)  5 K.M East

(d) 7 K.M West


Q120. How many 6s are followed by 9s as well as preceded by 9s in the following set of figures ?


(a) 3

(b) 1

(c) 4



Q121. A pair of letters is there in the word LEMON which have as many letters between them in the word as in the English alphabets. Which one of these two comes earlier in the English alphabets ?



(c) L



Q122. In a row of girls, if madhu, who is 10th from the left and veena, who is 9th from the right interchange their places, Madhu becomes 15th from the left. How many girls are there in the row ?



(c) 23



Q123. If + means ÷, -means +, × means -, ÷ means × then what will be the value of


(a) 30


(c) 46



Q124. If A denotes -, C denotes ×, D denotes ÷, and E denotes +, then


(a) 17

(b) 28

(c) 16

(d) 32


Q125. A cow is to a calf as goat is to

(a) Puppy

(b) Kid

(c)  Lamb

(d) Colt


Q126. Complete the series given below:

4,8,24,96 ?

(a) 384

(b) 288

(c)  480

(d) 192


Q127. Which letter in the word WASHINGTON, is the same number in the word (counting from the beginning ) as it is in the alphabet ?

(a) N

(b) T

(c) O

(d) G


Q128. If the code for STABLE is 123456, and code for LABOUR is 534789, then what will be the code for BOTTLE ?


(a) 472256

(b) 472556

(c) 472265



Q129. Given interchanges + and ÷ and numbers 2 and 5, find the value of


(a) 2


(c) 4



Q130. Find the number in place of ?in the table given below

14 7 63
21 × 56
28 35 ?

(a) 25

(b) 30

(c) 42

(d) 49


Q131. Find the number of triangles in the diagram given below:Figure

(a) 32

(b) 31

(c) 30

(d) 29


Q132. Ravi walks 8 K.M northeast and then 6 K.M southeast. How far is he from the starting point?

(a) 14 K.M

(b) 7 K.M

(c) 9 K. M

(d)10 K. M


Q133. Javed’s brother’s sister’s father’s brother is Karim and Karim’s daughter is Dolly. How is javed related to Dolly?

(a) Brother

(b) Cousin

(c)  Sister

(d) Uncle


Q134. Sushma has a dentist’s appointment at 7:20 in the evening. While entering the dentist’s office, she saw reflection of the wall clock. The hands of the clock read 4:40. She knew that this being the reflection of the clock the time she read is not the correct time. She is not on appointed time.

(a) She is 20 minutes late

(b) She is 20 minutes before time

(c)  She is on Time

(d) None of the above


Q135. The average of first 15 positive whole numbers is

(a) 9.5

(b) 7.5

(c) 8

(d) 7


Q136. How many times in a day are the hands of a clock pointing opposite to each other?

(a) 20

(b) 4

(c) 24

(d) 22


Q137. Nightingale:Warble:: Frog: ?

(a) Yell

(b) Crackle

(c) Squeak

(d) Croak


Q138. Nautilus: Fish:: Teal: ?

(a) Chicken

(b) Dolphin

(c) Duck

(d) Pigeon


Q139. Zephyr: Gale:: Trickle: ?

(a) Torrent

(b) Gust

(c) Gusset

(d) Decay


Q140. Supply the missing figure


(a) 1727

(b) 1729

(c) 1728



Q141. Complete the given series below.


(a) 320

(b) 340

(c) 400

(d) 405


Q142. Find the odd item out.

(a) Tellurium

(b) Francium

(c) Strontium

(d) Scandium


Q143. Find the missing term in the series given below.

nd, iy, dt, yo, tj, ?

(a) mp

(b) nq

(c)  oe

(d) of


Q144. Complete the letter series given below.


(a) K

(b) M

(c) N

(d) O


Q145. If HJSM means GIRL, what does RNES means?

(a) BOYS

(b) SOFT

(c) COWS

(d) TOYS


Q146. Complete the series given below.


(a) 120

(b) 123

(c) 125

(d) 121


Q147.If m and n are different integers, both divisible by  5, then which of the following may not be true?

(a) m-n is divisible by 5

(b)mn is divisible by 25

(c) m+n is divisible by 10

(d)m2+ n2 is divisible by 25


Q148.In the figure, if MN>NO, which of the following is not true.Figure



(a) MN<2MO

(b)   z=y

(c)   x=y+z

(d)   x>60o


Q149. The angle between hands of a clock at 3:40 would be

(a) 130o

(b) 150o

(c) 140o

(d) 125o


Q150. A class of 50 girls and 70 boys sponsored a musical program. If 40% of the girls and 50% of the boys attented, approximately what % attended?

(a) 48%

(b) 42%

(c) 44%

(d) 46%


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UP Rajasva Nirikshak 2014 Paper-1

UP Rajasva Nirikshak 2014 Paper-1



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