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INSAT-3D, India’s advanced meteorological satellite was successfully launched by an European rocket,¬†Ariane-5 (VA214) from the spaceport of Kourou, French Guiana, giving a boost to weather forecasting and disaster warning systems. According to ISRO, INSAT-3D adds a new dimension to weather monitoring through its atmospheric sounding system, which provides vertical profiles of temperature, humidity and integrated

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night is one of the very common question, which often comes to everybody’s mind. So now lets find the answer. Why does Jasmine bloom only at night? Blooming in flowers is due to Nastic Movements.These movements are non-directional responses to stimuli such as Temperature, humidity, light irradiance etc.Usually this

Green House Effect

What is Green House Effect? Heating effect produced inside a glass house  by absorption of long wave terrestrial Radiation is called Green House Effect. What is a Glass House? A glass house is used for growing plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits in cold areas where temperature is not sufficient to grow plants. A glass house

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