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Antarctic Sea Ice is increasing: A Study

Antarctic Sea Ice is increasing: A Study led by a team of Researchers from Netherlands, Richard Brintanja has recently explained by their study reason for expansion of sea ice in Antarctica is climate change. This phenomenon may be caused because of cold plumes of fresh water which is derived because of melting that happens beneath

Green House Effect

What is Green House Effect? Heating effect produced inside a glass house  by absorption of long wave terrestrial Radiation is called Green House Effect. What is a Glass House? A glass house is used for growing plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits in cold areas where temperature is not sufficient to grow plants. A glass house

Our Solar System

Our solar system comprises of sun and eight planets along with their satellites, Asteroids, Comets, Meteors, Dwarf Planets etc.(Pluto, earlier considered to be the 9th planet is no-more considered a planet). The Sun is just one of the billion stars in the Universe & only star in our Solar System. Why Sun is called a

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