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Harmful Effects of Earthquakes

Before discussing the harmful effects of earthquakes lets study How does an earthquake occur? For Details Click Here. What are the Harmful Effects of Earthquakes? (1) Damage to human structures РEarthquakes cause great damage to human structures such as buildings, roads, rails, factories, dams, bridges etc, and thus cause heavy damage to human property. (2)


An earthquake is shaking of earth or vibrations on surface of earth. What is Focus of Earthquake? Point inside the surface of earth from where Earth Quake waves originate is called Focus of Earth Quake. What is epicenter of Earthquake? Point on the surface of earth above focus of earthquake or minimum distance from the

Plate Tectonics

Before studying Plate Tectonics Theory, let us first understand what a tectonic plate is. What is a Tectonic Plate? A tectonic plate is a hard rigid and elastic segment of lithosphere which is moving and floating over Aesthenosphere. A Plate contains three parts of lithosphere. 1- Crust 2- Moho Discontinuity 3- Hard and rigid part

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