Rajya Sabha

As discussed in earlier articles, Rajya Sabha is part of Parliament of India.  Rajya Sabha is also termed as ” Council of States”. What is Rajya Sabha ? Rajya Sabha is the House of Elders or the Upper House of the Parliament. It represents the various states and union territories of the Indian Union. What

Types of Clouds

Before learning about the types of clouds, lets first understand what are clouds?? What are clouds ? Clouds may be defined as agglomerate of several tiny water droplets, ice particles or mixture of both in the air, generally above the ground surface. How are they formed ? When air rises, it gets cooled due to

Sports News March (Part-1)

In this article, we will provide you the sports news March (part-1) dated from 1st of March to 15th of March. Sports News March (Part-1) Cricket South Africa won under-19 ICC Cricket World Cup On 1st March South Africa first time ever clinched Under-19 ICC Cricket World Cup by defeating two time Champions Pakistan by

The Sangam Age

In this article we will discuss the penetration of Megalith people to fertile river basin of Kaveri delta by the end of 2nd Century.This phase of expansion includes three important kingdoms, their literature, political and social life, etc. The Sangam Age By the third century BC the Megalith people moved from upland portion of Peninsula

Sports News February 2014

In this article we will provide you the sports news February 2014 form 16th February to 28th February 2014. We have also published part-1 of February Sports news which can be checked at Sports News February part-1 Sports News February 2014 Cricket New Zealand clinched test series against India 1-0 On 18th February 2014, New

Telangana State Formation

Telangana ! Telangana ! Telengana ! There has been an uproar, perhaps everywhere, parliament, news channels, newspapers, internet, forums and the list goes on. The first thing which comes in the mind to layman is that what the buzz is all about? In this article, we shall look upon the formation of new state process

Later Vedic Period

In our previous article we discussed about the era of Vedic culture, invasion of Aryans, social and political life in that era. Now in later vedic period we will be discussing the penetration of Aryans, Formation of 16 Mahajanapadas, religious life, social life etc.  Later Vedic period is also referred as PGW phase (Painted Grey

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