Indian Navigation Satellites Launched

Recently, ISRO launched the first of seven  Indian Navigation Satellites, making India join a handful of nations with their own independent navigation capabilities. By 2016, the remaining 6 will be placed in their orbits, up in the sky which would then offer navigational guidance on Road, in Water and in the Sky.

What are the Applications of Indian Navigation Satellites ?

1) It would help in terrestrial navigation that would aid hikers and travelers.

2) Along with terrestrial navigation it would also boost aerial and marine navigation.

3) Disaster management can be managed with more efficiency.

4) It can be integrated with mobile phones.

5) It will be useful in vehicle tracking and fleet management.

Who are the leading players with independent Navigation Satellites ?

Lets have a brief look upon the Other players with their own Navigation Capabilities.


Navigation Satellite Country Launched In Coverage Accuracy No. of Satellites
GPS United States 1978 Global 20 metres 24(Operational)
GLONASS Russia 1982 Global For Civilian Signals- 100 metresFor Military Signals- 10-20 metres 31 (24 Operational)
COMPASS/ BEIDOU China 2000 Regional For Civilian Signals- 10 metresFor Military Signals- 10 cm 35 (15 operational, 20 more planned)
IRNSS India 2013 Regional Over Indian Ocean-20 metresOver Mainland India- less than 10 metres 7 (1 satellite launched, 6 more planned)
GALILEO European Union 2020(Expected) Global 10 metres 30 (Not Operational Yet.)

GPS- Global Positioning System

GLONASS- Global Navigation Satellite System

IRNSS- Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

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