Magsaysay Award 2013

Habiba Sarabi aged 55,First Female governor of Afgan Province of Bamyan, received the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award 2013.She was recognized for promoting education and woman’s right.She is credited as the first and the only woman Governor of Afghanistan.

Lahpai Seng Raw,Founder of Myanmar’s largest civil society group,has also been honored with the award for helping people across ethnic groups under conditions of armed conflict.

A Filipino healthcare pioneer Ernesto Domingo is among other awardees,a 76 yr old Physician from Phillipines,who made health care accessible to poor. Professionally, he is a gastroenterologist and hepatologist. He is well known for his passion in science and his sterling research work in the field of hepatology. His major credits include the set up of the UPM liver study group which established a connection between chronic Hepatitis B and liver cancer.He has been striving hard for the availability of hepatitis vaccination for all sections of the society.

A Nepalese anti human trafficking organisation(Shakti Samuha) and an Indonesian anti corruption group are among the other winners.

The awards are scheduled to be awarded on Aug 31st, 2013 (the birth anniversary of late president, Ramon Magsaysay).

About Magsaysay Award

The Magsaysay Award, more popularly known as the “Nobel Prize Of Asia” was founded in the year 1957 in the memory of the Philippines President Ramon Magsaysay. The first Magsaysay awards were given in the year 1958.

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