Italian President Giorgio Napolitano Re-Elected

Mr. Giorgio Napolitano, aged 87 has been re-elected to the country’s highest office of Italy. This has been for the first time in Italy that a President has been elected for two successive terms.

He needed 504 votes of the 1007 grand electors, or 51.5 % to win. He received 738 votes, easily surpassing the required number in the 6th Round of Voting. Earlier 5 Rounds failed to elect his successor.

Napolitano agreed to serve for a second term when Political Leaders Pleaded him to stay on.

Since Feb Elections, Italy’s Parties failed to constitute a credible coalition, resulting into a Hung Parliament.

Under the Italian Constitution, a Italian President can’t dissolve Parliament unless at least 6 months of Mandate is left of the President. Mr. Napolitano’s current Mandate ends on 15th May 2013.In this situation President could not dissolve the hung Parliament so that fresh elections could be held.

The re-election of Napolitano, is being seen by the Italian Parties as an effective solution to the deadlock.


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