INSAT-3D, India’s advanced meteorological satellite was successfully launched by an European rocket,¬†Ariane-5 (VA214) from the spaceport of Kourou, French Guiana, giving a boost to weather forecasting and disaster warning systems.

According to ISRO, INSAT-3D adds a new dimension to weather monitoring through its atmospheric sounding system, which provides vertical profiles of temperature, humidity and integrated ozone from surface to top of the atmosphere.

The Data Relay Transponder (DRT) will be used to receive meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic data from remote, uninhabited locations over the coverage area from data collection platforms (DCPs) like automatic weather station, automatic rain gauge and agro met stations.

The major users of Satellite Aided Search and Rescue service in India are the Indian Coast Guard, Airports Authority of India, Directorate General of Shipping, Defence Services and fishermen.

Important Facts about INSAT-3D

* INSAT-3D satellite will improve weather forecasting monitoring, including predictions about monsoon also.

* This satellite is equipped with 4 instruments:

1) Imager– To take weather pictures of the earth

2) Sounder– To monitor weather through atmospheric sounding system.

3) Data Relay Transponder– To receive data sent by the automatic data collection platforms located at remote uninhabited places and relay them to a processing centre for generating accurate weather forecasts.

4) Satellite Aided Search & RescueРTo pick up and relays alert signals originating from the distress beacons of maritime, aviation and land-based users and relay them to the mission control centre to facilitate speedy search and rescue operations.


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