Impeachment of President of India

In this article, we shall discuss the procedure of Impeachment of President of India.

What is Impeachment ?

Impeachment is the the process by which President is removed from office.

What are the conditions on which procedure of Impeachment of president of India can be initiated ?

The procedure of Impeachment of President of India can be initiated only on the grounds of “Violation of Constitution”. However constitution has not defined the meaning of violation of constitution.

What is the procedure for Impeachment of President ?

The charges of Impeachment can be initiated in either house of the parliament.

For this, charges should be signed by 1/4th members of that house who has initiated / framed charges against the President. With a addition to this, a 14 days notice should be given to the president.

The Impeachment bill must be passed by at least 2/3rd majority of the total membership of that house who has initiated the charges against the President.

Once the impeachment bill is passed from the house who has initiated the charges, the bill is then sent to the other house who acts as the investigator of the charges initiated by the first house. The president has the right to appear during the investigation.

If the other house also passes the bill with 2/3rd majority of votes and sustains the charges against the president, then the President stands removed from his office from the date the bill is passed by both the houses.

What is the difference between the members participating in election and impeachment of president of India ?

The difference are as follows:

M.P/ M.L.A President Election Impeachment
Nominated members of either house of parliament Do not Participate Participate
Elected Members of Legislative assembly of states and union territories of Delhi and Pondicherry Participate Do not Participate

No president has been impeached till date in India.



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