Hung Assembly

Recently, assembly elections were conducted in four states viz Delhi, Madhaya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan. As results were declared on 8th Dec- 2013, it seems that Delhi assembly is going towards an Hung Assembly.

What is a Hung Assembly ?

Hung Assembly is a condition wherein no political party gets a clear majority to form a government.

Why Delhi assembly is going towards Hung Assembly ?

Delhi Assembly has 70 seats in total. After the successful counting of the votes, following was the outcome.



Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)








Now to form a govt, a party needs more than 50% of seats i.e Majority number of seats.

In Delhi, to form a govt, a party needs 36 seats. Clearly, no political party could do so in Delhi. This situation is termed as Hung Assembly.

What is the next step in case of an hung assembly  ?

Lt. Governor of Delhi ( currently on chair) Najeeb Jung have the power to call the single largest party to form the govt. In this case BJP will be called upon to form the govt in Delhi. If BJP refuses to form the govt, Lt. Governor may ask AAP to form the govt. If AAP also refuses to form the govt, the only option left will be to impose Presidential rule in Delhi under article 356 and conduct fresh elections in the mean time.

The only mandate required by a party to form govt is to have support of  36 MLA’s  in Delhi .

How parties can form a govt when they don’t have majority seats?

It is mandatory for a party to have majority seats in the Assembly to form a govt. If they fall short of seats, they may form coalition govt.

However in Delhi, no party seems to support each other to form a coalition govt.

What if no party manages to form govt in Delhi ?

Fresh elections will be held within 6 months to get a clear mandate from the voters of Delhi. In the mean time, Parliament may impose President’s rule for 6 months in Delhi.

What if President’s Rule is imposed in Delhi ?

Lt Governor (LG) of Delhi, shall become the executive head of the govt of Delhi. LG could then appoint advisers to run the department.  No fresh policies or projects will be approved unless there’s an emergency which will be under the discretion of LG. All projects and policies cleared by last govt will continue till the new govt is formed.





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