Green House Effect

What is Green House Effect?

Heating effect produced inside a glass house  by absorption of long wave terrestrial Radiation is called Green House Effect.

What is a Glass House?

A glass house is used for growing plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits in cold areas where temperature is not sufficient to grow plants.

A glass house is transparent for incoming radiations which are short waves with high energy but without sensible heat. These incoming radiations are absorbed inside a glass house and re- radiated in the form of Terrestrial Radiation which are Long Wave with low energy but with Sensible Heat.

The glass house is opaque for this Long Wave Radiation, it is absorbed inside the glass house, the temperature inside the glass house increases.

This increase in temperature inside a glass house due to its heating is called Green House Effect.

What are Green House Gases?

The green house gases have their properties similar to glass house used for growing plants.

Gases like Carbon-di-oxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Chloro Fluoro Carbons (CFCs), Water Vapors and Suspended dust particles are transparent for incoming Solar Radiation but these gases absorb outgoing Terrestrial Radiation (Just as a glass house does as explained above), as a result of which atmosphere gets heated. Due to this property of these gases, they are termed as Green House Gases.

Carbon-di-oxide is the most important Green House Gas in the atmosphere as its contribution to atmospheric Heating is Maximum due to its relatively large conc. in the atmosphere compared to other green house gases. However the molecular potential to cause atmospheric heating is maximum of Chloro Fluoro Carbons among the Green House Gases.

What is the practical Implication of Green House Gases?

The most important practical implication of Green House Gases is Global Warming.

What is Global Warming?

Slow and Gradual Rise in average atmospheric temperature of earth is termed as Global Warming.

For More info on Global warming you can try this link also:


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