Here in this article, we will discuss few major issues faced by Indian Forestry.

Indian Forests face a number of problems which are both Natural and Man-made.Few of them are as follows:

1- Deforestation– Shifting Agriculture, Overgrazing etc has led to fast dwindling forest cover in India. Even the small area which is under forest cover is being threatened by the increasing demand of major and minor forest products.

2- Forest Fires – Large tracts of forest cover get destroyed every year due to forest fires. Forest fires are a common phenomenon in dry season.

3- Nature of Forests– A large part of forested area in India are thick and Inaccessible thereby making their utilization uneconomical.

4- Plant Diseases, Insects and Pests– A large tract of forest in India suffer from Plant Diseases, insects and Pests which leads to considerable loss of forest wealth. For example- Thousands of acres of Sal forests in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh are being threatened by Sal Borer for which no remedial measures has been adopted so far.

5- Obsolete Methods of Lumbering and Sawing– Obsolete technological system leads to a lot of wastage and low forest productivity.Saw mills use obsolete machinery and do not get proper power supply.

What are the remedies of above mentioned Problems?

1- Intensive Afforestation measures should be adopted.

2- Improved techniques of logging and extraction should be used.

3- Proper arrangements to save forests from fires and plant diseases can go a long way to solve problems.

4- Saw mills should get uninterrupted power supply.

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