Difference between meteoroids meteors meteorites

Difference between meteoroids meteors meteorites can be understood in a very lucid manner by looking at them closely. The basic blocks are the meteoroids which get converted into other forms i.e meteors and meteorites. Lets have a look over them.

What is the Difference between meteoroids meteors meteorites ?

Lets understand the difference between meteoroids meteors meteorites by looking at them closely individually.

What are Meteoroids?

Meteoroids are metallic rocks, that revolve around earth beyond atmosphere of earth.

What are Meteors?

Sometimes Meteorids get pulled by gravity of earth,as a result of which they enter into atmosphere of earth are termed as Meteors.They form a bright streak of light in sky (hence the name shooting stars) due to friction offered by atmosphere of earth.

What are Meteorites?

If meteors don’t get completely burned by frictional heat offered by earth’s atmosphere,and fall over surface of earth then they are called Meteorites.


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