Cloud Burst

Cloud burst is a sudden and intense downpour of rain for a short period of time, over a restricted geographical area (a few kilometers of radius) , which causes mass destruction.It causes flash floods in the area, along with that landslides, house collapse etc are the major consequences to it.

How cloud burst happen or what is the reason for cloud burst?

A typical kind of cloud type is responsible for this condition-Cumulonimbus clouds. Actually during heavy rainfall, the cumulonimbus clouds (also called as rain cloud) received heavy precipitation due to Langmuir precipitation thus fusing of water droplets takes place at a very fast pace and create large droplets as they fall.In Langmuir Precipitation lots of intense precipitation was taken by cumulonimbus cloud resulting in cloud burst.

What are the regions prone to it?

Cloudbursts are very common in Himalayan  region. Western ghats and coastal areas also experience occasional cloudbursts.

Why are the hilly areas more prone to cloud burst?

The topographic condition of the hilly areas favors the formation of theses kind of situations. Due to heavy slopes, precipitation during rainfall increases steadily thus giving room to the cumulonimbus cloud to spread and create large heavy cloud resulting in a cloud burst.

Where has cloud burst struck recently in India?

On June 17th 2013, cloudburst struck kedarnath region of Uttarakhand, wherein several hundreds are feared dead and many are missing. Thousands of people are left stranded.


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