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Prime Meridian Passing Through Countries

In this article,we shall look into the countries through which prime meridian passes and the significance of the same. Prime Meridian passes through which countries ? Prime Meridian passes through following countries :- 1- United Kingdom( Greenwich, London) 2- France 3- Spain 4- Algeria 5- Mali 6- Burkena Faso 7- Togo 8- Ghana Apart from

Tropic of cancer passing through Indian states

Of the three major lines, Only Tropic of Cancer passes through India. Tropic of cancer passing through Indian states are as follows 1-Gujarat 2- Rajasthan 3- Madhaya Pradesh 4- Chattisgarh 5- Jharkhand 6- West Bengal 7- Tripura 8- Mizoram

Equator Passes Through

Equator Passes through following Countries: 1-Equador 2- Colombia 3- Brazil 4- Gabon 5- Congo 6- Democratic Republic of Congo 7- Uganda 8- Kenya 9- Somalia 10- Indonesia    

Tropic of Capricorn Passes Through

Tropic of capricorn is an imaginary line passing through 23 1/2 degrees south of equator. In this article, we wish to learn Tropic of capricorn passes through which countries? Tropic of capricorn passes through which countries ? Countries through which tropic of capricorn passes through are as follows in west to east direction : 1- Chile

Tropic of Cancer Passes Through

Countries through which Tropic of Cancer Passes.(West  to East) 1-Mexico 2- Bahamas 3-Western Sahara 4- Mauritania 5- Mali 6-Algeria 7-Niger 8- Libya 9- Egypt 10- Saudi Arabia 11- U.A.E 12-Oman 13- India 14- Bangladesh 15- Myanmar 16- China 17-Taiwan

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