GSAT-7 Satellite Launched Successfully

GSAT-7 satellite was launched by ISRO on 30th Aug 2013, from launch site Kourou, French Guiana (South America).The launch vehicle used in the launch was Ariane-5 VA-215 of European space agency. What are GSAT-7 capabilities ? A multi crore satellite (approx Rs 185 Crore),has been designed to impart advanced marine communication capabilities with the help

Indian Navigation Satellites Launched

Recently, ISRO launched the first of seven  Indian Navigation Satellites, making India join a handful of nations with their own independent navigation capabilities. By 2016, the remaining 6 will be placed in their orbits, up in the sky which would then offer navigational guidance on Road, in Water and in the Sky. What are the

Scientists Developed a Sensor Chip that detects Diseases from Blood drop

A team of researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology( NJIT), engineered a sensor chip which has a capacity to detect the diseases from a blood drop. The researchers- Reginald Farrow and Alokik Kanwal along with their team has developed a carbon nanotube based device with the help of sensors detect the mobile single cells

Why do soaps foam when applied on hairs?

Today we are going to learn that why do soaps foam when applied to hair ? The alkaline chemicals present in the soap give rise to foam.But the physical reason is, the foam is just air bubbles. Why do soaps foam ? When we apply soap on hairs, the minute air gaps facilitate to fill

Why we feel sleepy after heavy meal?

Lets find out the answer of the most general question asked that why we feel sleepy after heavy meal ? In the human body the mechanism is such that the oxygen we breathe in and the vital nutrients in the food that we eat are absorbed by the blood and supplied to different organs of

Bio satellite Launched

Russia launched BION-M1 Biological Research Capsule (Bio Satellite) from Baikonur Launch Pad in Kazakhstan on 19th April 2013(Friday). It is the world’s only Returnable satellite. The capsule contained 45 mice, 8 Mongolian gerbils, 15 geckos snails, fish eggs, micro organisms and plants. What was special about this bio satellite ? The aim of the mission is to

Why a bird does not get electrocuted on wires

Why a bird does not get electrocuted on wires is a very authentic question me and my some friend might interested to know the better answer. So now Lets find out.To know the answer of this question one should keep in mind the basics of physics which they have studied. Like what is electric current?

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