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Rajya Sabha

As discussed in earlier articles, Rajya Sabha is part of Parliament of India.  Rajya Sabha is also termed as ” Council of States”. What is Rajya Sabha ? Rajya Sabha is the House of Elders or the Upper House of the Parliament. It represents the various states and union territories of the Indian Union. What

Telangana State Formation

Telangana ! Telangana ! Telengana ! There has been an uproar, perhaps everywhere, parliament, news channels, newspapers, internet, forums and the list goes on. The first thing which comes in the mind to layman is that what the buzz is all about? In this article, we shall look upon the formation of new state process

Speaker of Lok Sabha

In the previous article, we discussed about the composition, duration, functions of Lok Sabha (for details click Lok Sabha ). In this article we shall learn about the important parts of the house without which the house won’t be able to function smoothly, such as speaker of Lok Sabha, Deputy speaker of Lok Sabha, other

Lok Sabha

Parliament of India consists of  The President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. We have already discussed about The President of India in our previous articles. For the ease of our understanding, we will learn about the parliament of India through a series of articles. In this article, we will learn about  Lok Sabha, its composition,

Hung Assembly

Recently, assembly elections were conducted in four states viz Delhi, Madhaya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan. As results were declared on 8th Dec- 2013, it seems that Delhi assembly is going towards an Hung Assembly. What is a Hung Assembly ? Hung Assembly is a condition wherein no political party gets a clear majority to form

Prime Minister of India

In the constitution of India, there is no specific procedure written for the selection and appointment of Prime Minister of India. However, in article 75, it is written that President of India shall appoint the Prime Minister of India. (obviously not according to his own will ) How Prime Minister of India is appointed ?

Council of Ministers

Who are council of ministers ? Council of Ministers are the ministers appointed by the President of India on advice of the Prime Minister. Council of Ministers are categorized into three categories. 1- Cabinet Ministers- They act as head of important ministries of the central government. For e.g- Defense Ministry, Home Ministry, Finance Ministry etc.

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