The Sangam Age

In this article we will discuss the penetration of Megalith people to fertile river basin of Kaveri delta by the end of 2nd Century.This phase of expansion includes three important kingdoms, their literature, political and social life, etc. The Sangam Age By the third century BC the Megalith people moved from upland portion of Peninsula

Later Vedic Period

In our previous article we discussed about the era of Vedic culture, invasion of Aryans, social and political life in that era. Now in later vedic period we will be discussing the penetration of Aryans, Formation of 16 Mahajanapadas, religious life, social life etc.  Later Vedic period is also referred as PGW phase (Painted Grey

Vedic Age

We will start Vedic Age from the Vedic literature, then we will discuss about following topics likewise Vedic culture (its division) , Battle of ten kings, Religious life of that age, political conditions, economic conditions, social life & position of females in Vedic Age. Literature of Vedic Age / Vedic Literature Vedas & Upvedas:- Sanskrit

Indus Valley Civilization

Most of the sites of this civilization were near to the bank of Indus river & its tributaries so it is called as Indus Valley Civilization .Harappa was the first site of this civilization so it is also called as Harappan Civilization.This civilization flourished between 2300 BC-1750 BC. – In 1826 Charles Masson was the

Sources of Ancient Indian History

In this section, we are going to study the sources of Ancient Indian History. By Sources, we mean that the ways through which we have understood the ancient History,  the way it is. Sources of Ancient Indian History. (A)- Archaeological Sources (B)- Literary Sources (C)- Foreigners Account Now lets get to know each of them

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