Biosphere Reserves of India

Biosphere reserves of India are the natural ecosystem located at beautiful places in India.Now first let us know what are Biosphere Reserves. Biosphere Reserves are the areas of terrestrial and coastal ecosystem promoting solutions to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with sustainable use. The origin of Biosphere Reserve goes to the “Biosphere Conference” organised by

Threats to Biodiversity

Extinction of species is one of the major threats to biodiversity. In this article we shall discuss the factors which contribute to extinction. What is extinction ? Extinction of species refers to disappearance of species from earth. By species being extinct, we mean that even the last surviving member of the species dies. What are


Here in this article, we will discuss few major issues faced by Indian Forestry. Indian Forests face a number of problems which are both Natural and Man-made.Few of them are as follows: 1- Deforestation– Shifting Agriculture, Overgrazing etc has led to fast dwindling forest cover in India. Even the small area which is under forest

Flood Disaster Management

In this article of flood disaster management , we will try to introspect the main steps that could be taken to contain the Disaster: To understand what floods are, CLICK HERE 1) Reduction of Runoff Runoff can be reduced by increasing infiltration of the surface water into the ground in the catchment area.This can be done by large


Flood is a natural hazard which occurs in response to heavy rainfall and it becomes a disaster when it creates heavy loss to life and property. Causes of Flood A combination of unfavourable meteorological and physical factors working together leads to a serious flood situation resulting in a disaster. Following are the major causes of

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is the removal of soil by forces of nature,particularly wind and water,more rapidly than the various soil forming processes can replace it. What are the types of soil erosion? On the basis of natural agents water and wind,which are constantly indulged in soil erosion,there are two types of soil erosion. 1- Water Erosion–

World Heritage Sites

Recently UNESCO, in its 37th annual session in Phnom Penh(Cambodia) completed an update of new sites to be added to the world heritage sites list. The main sites added are as below: 1- Mount Etna(Italy)– An active volcano in European continent 2- Mount Fuji(Japan)– Highest mountain in Japan 3-Tajikistan National Park 4- Six Hill Forts of

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