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Why do soaps foam when applied on hairs?

Today we are going to learn that why do soaps foam when applied to hair ? The alkaline chemicals present in the soap give rise to foam.But the physical reason is, the foam is just air bubbles. Why do soaps foam ? When we apply soap on hairs, the minute air gaps facilitate to fill

Why we feel sleepy after heavy meal?

Lets find out the answer of the most general question asked that why we feel sleepy after heavy meal ? In the human body the mechanism is such that the oxygen we breathe in and the vital nutrients in the food that we eat are absorbed by the blood and supplied to different organs of

Why a bird does not get electrocuted on wires

Why a bird does not get electrocuted on wires is a very authentic question me and my some friend might interested to know the better answer. So now Lets find out.To know the answer of this question one should keep in mind the basics of physics which they have studied. Like what is electric current?

Why do babies cry after birth?

The question arises in mind many times that why do babies cry after birth ? Here’s a simple explanation of the same. Before delivery of the infant, he or she (infant) is protected in a warm environment in mother’s womb. Now when it is brought out it experience a total change in the environment. The

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night is one of the very common question, which often comes to everybody’s mind. So now lets find the answer. Why does Jasmine bloom only at night? Blooming in flowers is due to Nastic Movements.These movements are non-directional responses to stimuli such as Temperature, humidity, light irradiance etc.Usually this

What causes Hiccups?

This is one of the very common question that what causes hiccups . So now let’s have a look at the answer to this question. What causes Hiccups ? Hiccups arises as a result of too sudden and involuntary contractions within the diaphragm. You can get hiccups if you eat too much or too fast or

Why are fan wings slightly curved?

Fan wings, also called blades, are slightly curved in shape, they are not straight. The possible reason behind why are fan wings slightly curved is the proper air circulation. Scientific Explanation behind why are fan wings slightly curved ? Fan blades are curved for optimum air circulation which is determined by solidity ratio. Solidity ratio is the ratio

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