Bio satellite Launched

Russia launched BION-M1 Biological Research Capsule (Bio Satellite) from Baikonur Launch Pad in Kazakhstan on 19th April 2013(Friday). It is the world’s only Returnable satellite.

The capsule contained 45 mice, 8 Mongolian gerbils, 15 geckos snails, fish eggs, micro organisms and plants.

What was special about this bio satellite ?

The aim of the mission is to study the effects of long flights on living organisms  The mission will last for 30 days during which several genetic, biological and physiological experiments will be conducted on the crew which would help in preparing better for flights to Mars and other Planets..

The microbes (attached to outer skin of the bio satellite in a heat resistant material with tiny holes in it) will be exposed to freezing temperatures, vacuum of space and re-entry heat( when the capsule will reenter earth’s atmosphere after completion of the mission) to see if they will survive the travel through space.

The results will be analysed  when the capsule will return to Earth on May 18th 2013.


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