Antarctic Sea Ice is increasing: A Study

Antarctic Sea Ice is increasing: A Study led by a team of Researchers from Netherlands, Richard Brintanja has recently explained by their study reason for expansion of sea ice in Antarctica is climate change.

This phenomenon may be caused because of cold plumes of fresh water which is derived because of melting that happens beneath the Antarctic ice shelves.They suggested that the increased melt creates a cold layer of fresh water on the oceanic surface that is easily frozen when the next winters arrives.

How and Why Antarctic Sea Ice is increasing?

Over the past few years, scientists have found something that appears to go beyond common sense- as the planet is facing global warming, sea ice around Antarctica has been growing each year instead of contracting.These group of researchers now suggested that it is more likely due to increased heat in summer leading to an increase in offshore ocean temperatures.

This warmer water causes melting of ice sheets from below. Then because the water from the ice that melts has little salts in it, (lighter) tends to float, creating a layer of cold water over the warm salt water (denser and heavier) which easily freezes when cold winter arrives.

Climate scientists observed that Antarctic sea ice displayed a slight but statistically crucial increase of 1.9 % per decade ever since 1985.

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