Monthly Archive:: December 2013

Green Revolution

Dr Norman Earnest Borlaug is credited for the development of new dwarf variety of wheat seed which led to green revolution in India. In the drought year 1964-65, Dr Borlaug introduced the seeds of HYV seeds of Wheat (dwarf and semi dwarf varieties) in northern region of India, which resulted in tremendous increase in productivity

Hung Assembly

Recently, assembly elections were conducted in four states viz Delhi, Madhaya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Rajasthan. As results were declared on 8th Dec- 2013, it seems that Delhi assembly is going towards an Hung Assembly. What is a Hung Assembly ? Hung Assembly is a condition wherein no political party gets a clear majority to form

Ocean Deposits

Ocean deposits are the unconsolidated sediments (Inorganic or Organic ) derived from various sources deposited on the oceanic floor. What are the sources of these ocean deposits ? These ocean deposits are derived from three major sources: 1- Terrigenous Sources 2- Volcanic Deposits 3- Pelagic Deposits What are Terrigenous Deposits ? Weathering is an ongoing

Prime Minister of India

In the constitution of India, there is no specific procedure written for the selection and appointment of Prime Minister of India. However, in article 75, it is written that President of India shall appoint the Prime Minister of India. (obviously not according to his own will ) How Prime Minister of India is appointed ?

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