Monthly Archive:: October 2013

Repo Rate

Reserve Bank of India recently (30 th oct 2013) increased Repo rate by 25 basis points from 7.50 to 7.75 %. What is Repo Rate? Repo Rate is the rate at which banks borrow short term funds from central bank. RBI lends on a short term basis to banks on the security of the govt

Council of Ministers

Who are council of ministers ? Council of Ministers are the ministers appointed by the President of India on advice of the Prime Minister. Council of Ministers are categorized into three categories. 1- Cabinet Ministers- They act as head of important ministries of the central government. For e.g- Defense Ministry, Home Ministry, Finance Ministry etc.

Heat Budget of the Earth

What is heat budget of the earth ? Heat Budget of the Earth is the balance between incoming solar ¬†insolation and outgoing terrestrial radiation which maintains the average annual temperature of earth at 15 degree celcius. What do you mean by solar insolation ? Solar energy received by earth’s surface is called solar insolation. What

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