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Banihal Qazigund Rail Link

Before discussing the Banihal Qazigund Rail Link, lets first discuss the entire Kashmir Railway Project. The Ambitious Kashmir Railway Project is divided into Four Sections: Section Distance Between Completion Status 1 53 K.M Jammu- Udhampur Completed in April 2005 2 25 K.M Udhampur-Katra Under Construction 3 148 K.M Katra-Qazigund(Katra-Banihal-Qazigund) Under Construction-expected to be completed in

Scientists Developed a Sensor Chip that detects Diseases from Blood drop

A team of researchers at New Jersey Institute of Technology( NJIT), engineered a sensor chip which has a capacity to detect the diseases from a blood drop. The researchers- Reginald Farrow and Alokik Kanwal along with their team has developed a carbon nanotube based device with the help of sensors detect the mobile single cells

Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is the removal of soil by forces of nature,particularly wind and water,more rapidly than the various soil forming processes can replace it. What are the types of soil erosion? On the basis of natural agents water and wind,which are constantly indulged in soil erosion,there are two types of soil erosion. 1- Water Erosion–

Sources of Ancient Indian History

In this section, we are going to study the sources of Ancient Indian History. By Sources, we mean that the ways through which we have understood the ancient History,  the way it is. Sources of Ancient Indian History. (A)- Archaeological Sources (B)- Literary Sources (C)- Foreigners Account Now lets get to know each of them

World Heritage Sites

Recently UNESCO, in its 37th annual session in Phnom Penh(Cambodia) completed an update of new sites to be added to the world heritage sites list. The main sites added are as below: 1- Mount Etna(Italy)– An active volcano in European continent 2- Mount Fuji(Japan)– Highest mountain in Japan 3-Tajikistan National Park 4- Six Hill Forts of


Desertification may be defined as spread of desert like conditions in areas due to man’s interference or climatic change. The process of desertification is attributed to various causes of which more important are uncontrolled grazing, reckless felling of trees and growing population.Climate changes have also contributed to the spread of deserts. What are the areas

Cloud Burst

Cloud burst is a sudden and intense downpour of rain for a short period of time, over a restricted geographical area (a few kilometers of radius) , which causes mass destruction.It causes flash floods in the area, along with that landslides, house collapse etc are the major consequences to it. How cloud burst happen or

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