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Why do soaps foam when applied on hairs?

Today we are going to learn that why do soaps foam when applied to hair ? The alkaline chemicals present in the soap give rise to foam.But the physical reason is, the foam is just air bubbles. Why do soaps foam ? When we apply soap on hairs, the minute air gaps facilitate to fill

Harmful Effects of Earthquakes

Before discussing the harmful effects of earthquakes lets study How does an earthquake occur? For Details Click Here. What are the Harmful Effects of Earthquakes? (1) Damage to human structures РEarthquakes cause great damage to human structures such as buildings, roads, rails, factories, dams, bridges etc, and thus cause heavy damage to human property. (2)


An earthquake is shaking of earth or vibrations on surface of earth. What is Focus of Earthquake? Point inside the surface of earth from where Earth Quake waves originate is called Focus of Earth Quake. What is epicenter of Earthquake? Point on the surface of earth above focus of earthquake or minimum distance from the

Shakuntala Devi

Renowned Mathematician Smt Shakuntala Devi passed away at the age of 80, on 21st April 2013. She was suffering from Respiratory Problems and later developed heart and Kidney problems and was being treated in a hospital in Bangalore since two weeks. What are achievements of Smt Shakuntala Devi ? Ms Devi held Guinness World Record

Djokovic Thrills Nadal in Monte Carlo Rolex Masters 2013

Novak Djokovic (Serbia) defeated Rafael Nadal (Spain) by 6-2, 7-6(7-1) in Monte Carlo Rolex masters 2013 Finals to win the trophy for the very First time in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Earlier in 2009 and 2012 finals, Djokovic had lost the Trophy to Nadal in the Finals. Djokovic claimed the victory in 1hr and 51 minutes.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano Re-Elected

Mr. Giorgio Napolitano, aged 87 has been re-elected to the country’s highest office of Italy. This has been for the first time in Italy that a President has been elected for two successive terms. He needed 504 votes of the 1007 grand electors, or 51.5 % to win. He received 738 votes, easily surpassing the

New Venezuela’s President

Mr. Nicolas Maduro has been sworn in as President of Venezuela. His term will last for next six years. Mr Maduro in his inaugural speech promised to address crime and purge popular social service programmes of corruption and inefficiency . His government announced it would allow a full audit of the razor-thin vote that the

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