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What is Atmosphere? Atmosphere is complex fluidic system surrounding earth and bound to earth by gravity. This complex fluidic  system consists of physical mixing of * Gases * Water Vapours * Suspended Particulates What is the composition of Atmosphere? 1- Gases– Atmosphere consists of mixture of gases whose composition remains constant. a) Nitrogen b) Oxygen c) Argon d)

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night

Why does Jasmine bloom only at night is one of the very common question, which often comes to everybody’s mind. So now lets find the answer. Why does Jasmine bloom only at night? Blooming in flowers is due to Nastic Movements.These movements are non-directional responses to stimuli such as Temperature, humidity, light irradiance etc.Usually this

Ozone Hole

In this article we will discuss about ozone and ozone hole What is Ozone? Ozone is triatomic form of oxygen(O3) concentrated in the Ozone layer/ Ozonosphere. What is Ozone layer? It extends from 20 km to 35 km in the Stratosphere. How is ozone layer formed? The conc. of ozone layer is maintained by a reversible

Effects of Global Warming

What is Global Warming? Slow and Gradual rise in average atmospheric temperature of earth is called Global Warming. Before the end of 19th Century (1850), the average temperature of earth was recorded 150 C. .In the Last 150 years, the average atmospheric temperature has increased by 1.50 C, and now at the beginning of 21st Century it

Green House Effect

What is Green House Effect? Heating effect produced inside a glass house  by absorption of long wave terrestrial Radiation is called Green House Effect. What is a Glass House? A glass house is used for growing plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits in cold areas where temperature is not sufficient to grow plants. A glass house

What causes Hiccups?

This is one of the very common question that what causes hiccups . So now let’s have a look at the answer to this question. What causes Hiccups ? Hiccups arises as a result of too sudden and involuntary contractions within the diaphragm. You can get hiccups if you eat too much or too fast or

Acid Rain

What is Acid Rain? Acid rain fall is associated with atmospheric pollution. Sulphur-di-oxide and Nitrous Oxide are released from automobiles, petrochemical industries and thermal power plants due to combustion and use of fossil fuels. These gases dissolve in clouds to form Sulphuric Acid and Nitric Acid. The precipitation from such clouds is acidic in nature

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